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Author, Speaker, Mentor and Advocate

I have a desire to help people get free, get healing, and find their identity, purpose and voice. I have degrees and certificates, but I believe what makes me a credible source is my lived experience. I have a unique perspective of being a victim of crime and also, being someone that has been incarcerated. I have been neglected and abused by individuals with substance use disorder (addiction), and also have been a person with a substance use disorder. I have struggled with mental health issues my entire life, and for 22 years tried to actively commit suicide (hence the title of my book). I have lived through both sides of a lot of difficult issues people deal with and because of it have compassion for all people. I am a judgement-free person, and believe ALL people can have redemption and restoration. I love sharing my lived experience in churches, universities, conferences, small groups and individually; with both those impacted by trauma and the professionals that work with them. I am an advocate for restorative justice and healing communities. I believe that we can stop generational abuse and substance use if we start loving more and judging less.


Come walk with Lisa as she takes you on a journey from death to life.....

Her testimony of how she was delivered from a life of addiction and trauma will inspire you to seek a deeper relationship with God. Why I Tried to Die will grip you from the beginning through the end. Lisa’s courageous transparency throughout the pages of this book reveal the glory of God and His redemptive healing and restorative powers. It is a must-read for all who are currently going through or dealing with trauma from the past. You will not be disappointed.

—MB Busch

President, Heartbeat of Heaven Ministries

Lisa invites the reader on a journey....

This journey is the story of her life, full of hopelessness, tragedy and trauma. Yet, in the midst of the most difficult and hopeless of moments, she encountered the living God who repositioned her with a hope and a future. No life is beyond the reach of a loving God, and Lisa’s story is a great reminder of this truth.

—Pastor Ruth Hendrickson

Ruth Hendrickson Ministries

Lisa made you feel like she was right in your living room telling you her story. If there is hope for her, it makes you feel like there's hope for anyone. She is a very amazing and strong woman. This is definitely a must read book!


This book is a must-read for anyone who has felt they are unlovable, helpless or hopeless....

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Lisa Kessler-Peters is an author, speaker, mentor and advocate. She shares her story to bring hope to the South Central Pennsylvania region and spread trauma informed awareness through our justice system. Her memoir "Why I Tried to Die" empowers those who are struggling and educates those who encounter victims of neglect and abuse. 

hope inspires with lisa redeemed