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Heyyyy girlll, It’s me Lisa! I am so excited by the possibility to be your coach and mentor. I help women like you and me overcome!  I want to help you become self-aware, be able to navigate your emotions, and guide you with physical, emotional and spiritual self-care. I will help you create a holistic and integrated self-care lifestyle that you can utilize in your everyday life.

I have assisted individuals just like you improve their mental, emotional and spiritual health by using mindfulness techniques; setting boundaries within toxic relationships; getting back on track after being thrown off course; attending to their physical needs (rest, nutrition, movement); and managing well-being.

It's the help you've been looking for.

It’s my mission to help women, like you, regain your personal power back by creating a healthier relationship with yourself. I strive to remind you the value in making yourself and your health a top priority in life.

My goal as your coach is to help you manage your emotions and life struggles in the best way for you. I am your advocate by helping you heal the emotional and spiritual wounds that are blocking you from nourishing yourself and becoming everything, you were created to be! A woman who is at peace with her authenticity and feels confident in her choices. I will teach you valuable emotional intelligence, trauma-informed practices, and wellness skills. These tools will help you foster introspection, self-awareness, and emotional management outside of our sessions so you can navigate your life with a sense of empowerment and ease.

Lisa kessler peters life coach

A spiritual leader and strong chosen lady!

"Lisa has mentored me so much and has tutored me at bible studies she held. It meant a lot for me to get involved in something. So, as time went on she took me to conferences to listen to other ladies share the word. That was the first time I ever did anything like that and I love it! She’s done a lot of stuff together with me and during this difficult time she’s been doing a lot of things to help me understand how to go about my life differently. She’s been staying by my side when nobody else has. She has shown me how a daughter of God is supposed to be treated. She definitely helped me see that there is nothing that changes the fact that I am loved. That even though I’m not in control of the unpredictable and I feel different now, that evilness did not win.

I’m very sure this lady of God will continue to be the best support and she is and with how much strength she carries. She’s a wonderful blessed sister having her there for me at this time and as a spiritual leader and mentor. There’s no one that can stop this girl! She did one of the most selfless things like always but she has brought me to a destination I was so afraid to go to because rejection took over me. God showed up with a new plan. I’m getting on with my life again. So, we were sitting in the room so relieved I started to cry, and she just has so much compassion for other people. She’s showing me how to get to the space where I’m allowing Him to take the wheel and then put into action all the commands, without being afraid. All the answers will hopefully come one day but until then practicing forgiveness awhile will be worth it!"

- Previous Client

Your emotional overwhelm may feel like

Low self-worth

Abandonment Wounds

Generational Trauma

Low self-confidence

Unhealthy Relationships

Relationship Issues & Patterns

People Pleasing






lisa kessler peter life coach
lisa kessler peter life coach
lisa kessler peters


  • How to identify recurring trends in your life and how they can help you identify the roots of self-sabotage.
  • How to recognize when childhood experiences are still impacting your adult life, so you know how to heal.
  • How relationships and difficult experiences can reflect like a mirror, allowing you to see your unhealed wounds.
  • Learn how to start to heal at a deeper level
  • How to stop giving your power away to others and learn how NOT to take things personally.
  • I will provide for you tools to navigating through difficult or overwhelming emotions, so they can't limit your ability to make healthy and empowering decisions for yourself.


By the end of my coaching you will be able to:

  • Manage and experience your emotions more easily
  • Take responsibility and ownership for your actions and emotions
  • Understand yourself at an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level and feel content in all areas of your life
  • Have the tools to take care of yourself when you’re feeling vulnerable, scared, angry, or overwhelmed
  • Have a strong sense of self-assurance in building relationships with others from a place of strength, not need
  • Create and implement your own personal holistic lifestyle for positive well-being custom to what’s best for you as an individual.
  • Meet the genuine, REAL you that has been hiding from the world until now!
  • Slay in ALL areas of your life!
  • Find peace with everything about yourself: how you look and feel, what has transpired in your past, what’s currently happening, and, of course, your future.
  • Feel empowered setting healthy boundaries with others and remaining grounded.

How My coaching works

Getting Connected

Balance is key when it comes to achieving your goals. To accommodate, I offer a 1:1 coaching program that can work around hectic schedules and offers dedicated personalized attention.

Our first call

We’ll unpack your current struggles and pinpoint where in your life you feel burnt out. We’ll discover what obstacles are blocking you from living your most authentic life. Then together, begin to establish a plan to create positive change.

Sustainable Success

Once we create a sustainable, personalized plan, we’ll spend time discussing goals and how our time together can help you reach them sooner. My hope is to help you create sustainable success.


  • 1:1 coaching/mentoring calls/zooms (60-minutes)
  • Availability by text for support (within limited hours)
  • Free copy of my 1st book
  • Practical do it yourself assignments to see improvements immediately in your life
you are

By the end of my coaching, you will feel:

At peace with yourself: how you feel and look, what has happened in the past, what is happening currently, and your future

Confident in being yourself


Empowered in showing up as YOU, your authentic self

Confident in asking for what you want from other people

A greater sense of self-worth, security, and empowerment

Are you ready to become the best version of YOU?


This is not a program, but a friendship that is going to help you find the gold living inside of you!!

why I tried to die

Throughout a lifetime wrought with trauma and despair, Lisa Kessler Peters personifies resilience. Yet, with the release of her memoir, Why I Tried to Die, she cements a much different legacy. One in which she uses her inspired storytelling to empower those who are struggling and educate those who encounter victims of neglect and abuse. Why I Tried to Die is published by Mercy & Moxie, an imprint of Orison Publishers, Inc. and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers. The 128-page book follows Kessler-Peters through her life of chaos and calamity with interspersed doses of inspiration via Bible verses and insights to how people suffering from trauma are treated by those in authority.

Lisa kessler peters life coach

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Lisa Kessler-Peters is an author, speaker, mentor and advocate. She shares her story to bring hope to the South Central Pennsylvania region and spread trauma informed awareness through our justice system. Her memoir "Why I Tried to Die" empowers those who are struggling and educates those who encounter victims of neglect and abuse. 

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