Meet Lisa Kessler-Peters

Author, Speaker, Mentor and Advocate

Lisa is a powerhouse of hope and inspiration. She doesn’t hold back on sharing the real and raw things she has been through. She has the ability to talk about all the trauma she endured, yet you walk away from hearing her story inspired, not hopeless. She is vulnerable and transparent, and has a way of making people feel safe to share their story.

Lisa is not impressed by her degrees or accomplishments. She will never boast about what she has accomplished. Her entire mission is to empower others to know that they can have the same freedom she has received. She is bold and courageous, and never wants to forget where she came from and what she has been through. She believes that nothing happens in vain, and that all things can be used for our good and the good of others.

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Lisa has degrees and certifications in

Criminal Justice
Trauma Informed Psychology
Applied Behavioral Analysis
Mentor & Recovery Specialist
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


- Lisa Kessler-Peters


REad Lisa's story

Why I Tried to die | A story of resilience through trauma to restoration

Throughout a lifetime wrought with trauma and despair, Lisa Kessler Peters personifies resilience. Yet, with the release of her memoir, Why I Tried to Die, she cements a much different legacy. One in which she uses her inspired storytelling to empower those who are struggling and educate those who encounter victims of neglect and abuse. Why I Tried to Die is published by Mercy & Moxie, an imprint of Orison Publishers, Inc. and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers. The 128-page book follows Kessler-Peters through her life of chaos and calamity with interspersed doses of inspiration via Bible verses and insights to how people suffering from trauma are treated by those in authority.

Empower. Equip. Encourage.

Lisa Kessler-Peters is an author, speaker, mentor and advocate. She shares her story to bring hope to the South Central Pennsylvania region and spread trauma informed awareness through our justice system. Her memoir "Why I Tried to Die" empowers those who are struggling and educates those who encounter victims of neglect and abuse. 

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