Being Stripped of EVERYTHING!

6 years ago today was also a cloudy, rainy day.. I remember so clearly the feel of the air and rain on my face and looking up to the sky as soon as I walked out the door of prison. It was the first time I had fresh air on my skin without having cuffs on and being hurried into a van, just like the one pictured.
This morning as I left for work, God said, go to the prison first. I was a little concerned about being late to work but I was obedient nevertheless. I drove the path I would have walked when I got released. I had no phone, no money, no ride.
I had to decide in that first 30 mins of release if I was truly changed. As difficult as it has been I have chosen the right thing and Jesus every step of the way and my life is beautiful today because of it.
I thanked God for taking it all away when I got to the prison this morning, not for my freedom. He had to strip it all away so that He alone was my foundation. My life is built on The Rock, my firm foundation that will never fail.
Than as I got ready to drive away this morning, God gave me a little gift. The beeping sound of the gate started..(That sound used to give me so much anxiety and sadness that I wasn’t going out the door)… and the sheriff’s van exited. I knew right away where it was heading. I followed behind as the van made it’s way to the courthouse with ‘inmates’ inside. That inmate was me 6 years ago. I prayed that they too would have encounters with the One True Living God and would be set free!!!
To God be the Glory forever and ever!! And my your foundation be in Christ Jesus Alone!!!