Overcoming Not having a Voice

lisa kessler peters

Have you ever felt like you had no voice? That even if you spoke, no one was listening or cared about what you were saying? In this world there is so much noise, so much talking, so many platforms, so many opinions… Do you feel like yours matters? Seems like only the news, the influencers and the ones screaming the loudest get the attention. The rest of us feel like we are just in the background. The nobodies. All my life I felt like I could not speak, that no one cared, that no one was listening. In this image, I am fiercely in my superwoman mom pose with my mouth taped shut. The point? I am powerful and strong regardless of this world’s attempts to shut me up. I became a great listener. I am quick to listen and slow to speak, because I know the importance of hearing what people are saying. I also no longer allow people to take my voice from me. If I have something important to say, I speak it. Every person’s voice and opinion matters, and sometimes the quietest person in the room has the best idea.  Today I remind you to take the time to listen.. also take the time to speak.