Where is The Light

This before picture isn’t something that is easy for me to share. It is actually quite painful to even see myself. Because the truth is, I wasn’t there anymore. I can see the hopelessness in my eyes. I can feel the desperation that surrounded me at this time. More than anything I can feel the shame that was upon me at the moment this picture was captured. I was only the shell of a person. I felt like a dead man walking.
The only thing that brought me hope was the idea that I would most likely soon be dead. The picture on the left was captured April 1, 2014.
The girl on the right, is a girl full of hope and full of light. There is no more darkness that overcomes me. I know who my maker is. He has washed me in the blood, and I am pure and made new. I can now post something like this because I no longer have shame. I know who I am, and I also know where I come from. If you would like to try and understand how a person gets to this place of hopelessness. I invite you to read my book. In the same way if you are a person experiencing trauma, addiction, feel there is no hope or really just feel like being alive is torment, this book is for you.